Saturday, February 04, 2006


The future is now. At this year's World Exposition, Japan is planning to present a veritable army of humanoid robots. They may not look like the boy next door, but they may be more intelligent. And, from playing musical instruments to dancing to helping care for the elderly and disabled, they can do almost anything.

Japan's cleverest robot is named Takeru Sakurai, and he was born human. When the 24-year-old engineering student dons his custom-tailored robot suit, he suddenly acquires supernatural powers. From a seated position, Sakurai can just about effortlessly lift a 20 kilogram water canister, almost as if it were a loaf of bread. And it's almost all brain power. Read more...
Incredibly powerful hand gyroscope - in glowing Blue!!!
Okay, for you people out there who are fans of the Powerball Gyroscope (and we know you are out there) here is a new toy for you - the Powerball in glowing Blue. All the fun and joy of the original, but with an oh-so-super-cool blue glowing LED built inside. The blue LED light starts to glow once the Powerball begins rotating and will glow ever brighter as the rpms are increased. Looks like something from a Tron movie and is especially fascinating in a darkened room. Trust us, you will be mesmerized by this little gem. Read More...

Watch Voice Recorder

This handsome fully functional watch is also a media player with 256MB flash memory built in. This unique recorder will allow you to record up to 9 hours of voice recording and download MP3’s music files. Now you can record notes, reminders or listen to music without any other devices. USB plug and play make this the media player perfect for any situation in which audio recording is required. Play back via stereo earphones or window media player. Read more...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The 21st Century Version Of The Lava Lamp

The Laserpod is one of the most innovative lighting products to hit the scene since peace, love, and understanding were the only things to strive for. These days there are more interesting things to strive for. For example every self-respecting geek realizes life would be empty without interacting with the latest and greatest gadgets, gizmos and doodads. Enter the Laserpod, it's a veritable cornucopia of techno-appeal. This desktop sized device splits three electronic lasers and three high-intensity blue and ultraviolet LEDs, then throws them into a hand-cut faceted crystal to create some of the most unique and memorable mood lighting you'll ever witness. Read More...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Xbox handheld to rival PSP

Microsoft could be on the verge of unveiling a handheld entertainment gadget. Here’s the full low-down…
There have been rumblings about an Xbox-style handheld for years, with words like ‘Xpod’ and ‘Xboy’ floating around. But it’s never really seemed like becoming a reality until now. In a recent interview with Business Week the head of Xbox, Peter Moore, spoke out about the possibility of launching a gadget that would incorporate gaming and well as music and video. Going on to explain that, “it can’t just be our version of the iPod”. Read more...

Monday, January 30, 2006


Apple iPod Video 5th Generation 30GB MP3 Player - Black
(2.5", 2 Hours Video - SKU: MA146LLA)

Description: With Apple's iPod you can listen to a song and watch its video at the same time. Through the iTunes Music Store you can purchase and download music videos, popular TV shows, and more. You can import your own home video clips, digital photos, and your music files as well. This slender iPod has a large 2-1/2" full-color screen for easy viewing. Its 30GB hard drive stores 75 hours of video, 25,000 still photos or 500 hours of near-CD-quality music. The iPod's Click Wheel lets you access the video, song or photo you're after quckly and easily, zooming quickly through the player's menu. Using an optional iPod dock, you can display your video and photos on a TV screen, so everyone can join in the fun.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Cool Biz, a combination of the English words cool and business, is the catchword in Japan this summer. It is the title of a government campaign to persuade office workers to dispense with their ties and jackets as an environmentally friendly way of staying cool without lowering the air conditioner thermostat. And now an innovation called kuchofuku (air-conditioned clothing) is taking the Cool Biz concept one step further. This new type of garb lets people stay cool even in long sleeves. More...

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Sony Cyber-Shot® DSC-P200 7.2 Megapixel Camera

The Sony DSC-P200 Cyber-shot® digital camera gives you professional quality features in a compact, point-and-shoot design. With a 7.2 Megapixel Super HAD™ CCD with exclusive Sony technology for superb resolution, sensitivity and clarity, you’ll get digital photos that are rich with detail. The Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® 3X optical zoom lens combines exceptional picture quality and ultra-sleek design. Other features include a large 2-inch LCD monitor with 134K pixels that makes it incredibly easy to frame shots and review pictures. Sony's own Real Imaging Processor™ LSI provides fast startup, fast shot-to-shot times and extended battery stamina for extended use. It is even compatible with the Cyber-shot® Station docking bay (sold separately) for easy picture transfers while you charge your camera’s battery. More...

Friday, January 27, 2006


Real-Time Tracking System!

At only 2.5 x 1.7 x 1.1 inches in size and 3.1 ounces in weight, WorldTrakGPS is fully self-contained and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Place with packages, vehicles, or personnel, the WorldTrakGPS sends detailed reports of routes traveled for quality control and security purposes. It can report with a variety of uses defined methods such as automatic sending of real-time position data, on demand reporting, and "geofencing". These reports are sent as SMS text messages over your local GSM cellular network. Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers unit for 24 hours. Back up battery pak operates 4 days. Affordable, real-time tracking and security using cutting edge 3D mapping technology from Google. More...

Bluetooth iPod/Audio Dongle

A373 Bluetooth NANO
Dongle with FM Radio
Fit for Apple nano
Screen Protection
FM stereo radio
Easy to hang with necklace
Transmit high fidelity audio streaming sound
technical specifications
Frequency : 2.402~2.480GHZ
Bluetooth 1.2, up to 10 meters
GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Sensitivity : 0.1% BER at -80 dBm
RF Output Power : -6dBm to 4dBm
Listening time : more than 5 hours
Power consumption: around 30 mAh
Battery : 3.7V 200mA Rechargeable Li-Polymer.
FM Frequency Range: 87-108 mHZ
Radio Presets Memory: 30 memory
Power: input AC 100-240V, output DC 5V 500MA-1A, mini USB plug
Operating temperature : -10 to +55
Dimensions: 102mm x45mm x19mm
Weight: 42gram (including battery)


Robots are starting to move into the white collar world. No longer content to work serving drinks or helping kids cross streets, robots are now entering the office as receptionists. Japanese employment agency PeopleStaff has begun offering robotic receptionists to its clients; for $430 a month, you can get a robot Hello Kitty or Ifbot (pictured) to sit at your front desk and greet visitors. We're not quite sure what kind of company would actually want to hire Hello Kitty as a receptionist, but that's almost beside the point. What we really want to know is this: what do you do when your recepto-bot starts bursting into impromptu renditions of "Daisy?"

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